Each region of Portugal hás its traditional dishes with various kinds of meat and seafood, including the handered ways of Cook, in the restaurant “O CARDO” can appreciate some of these better prescriptions, having as specialty the shellfish of our fishery.

It comes to try our specialties!

The espetada is a typical Portuguese dish

Espetada of prawns and squids

Ours better specialty


The most eaten dish in the house of portugueses

Samall sauted steak

bacalhau which means salted cod and is the most consumed type of fish in Portugal

Golden salted cod

Grilled sardines Portuguese Way

Grilled seabass

Also popular are sardines, especially when grilled as sardinhas assadas

A very fresh and delicious fish


Shellfish rice

For entrance or tidbit we always have cool prawns

The shellfish rice is a typical plate of the coastal zones in Portugal, like in Lisbon.

Baked cod

Grilled Tuna Beef

bacalhau which means salted cod and is the most consumed type of fish in Portugal

A very soft fish

Grilled sole

Grilled Halibut (grouper)


Optimum fish that can eat

Plus a delicious and cool grilled fish

Beef with mushrooms

Grilled veal chop

if it likes to follow a good beef with mushrooms has its plate here

Great sideburn of heifer for who if contents with little


Edible Crab Stuffed our way

who will have the one desire exelente omelette

The typical and delicious confection of Edible crab can be found in our restaurant

All these plates folloied for a good  wine, a good beer, will leave you delighted and satisfied!

Thank you and allways came back !

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